I witnessed everything of that particular cultural event of Olympic Boishakhi Mela. The reply-fellow (Dr./Mr./Mrs./Ms./Miss Anonymous)’s friend Faisal clearly ran out of time. Who was/were responsible for that—it’s not an important question, but the key issue is to manage the situation tactfully by rendering a respectful behaviour to all the invited artists equally irrespective of their so-called status. From my past experience, I must say that tactless & uncourteous people frequently fail to utilise their talents & labour successfully.

I believe the reply-guy raised illogically the issues of “youth & elderly” or “paid & unpaid artists” with a motive to divide the community, create a public sympathy for his/her friend and hide the incident of mistreatment received by the so-called unpaid artists (e.g., disconnection of microphones in a very disgraceful way without any humble explanation).

In her short heart-breaking article, Mrs. Mohua Huq used not a single word claiming any “special treatment”, but she only quoted Dr. Rzzaq saying to her that she always possesses a special position to B.B. Parishad. So, in no way, the reply-guy should have blamed Mrs. Huq re- this “special treatment issue”. It can easily be understood that the reply-team was quite unable to read Mrs. Huq’s afflictions from her simple style of expressing her recent sorrows in that article. Hence they don’t deserve to teach people re- the definition of “respect”.

Finally Dr./Mr./Mrs.….. Anonymous himself/herself got trapped into the “Typical Bangalee tendency” by advocating indirectly the privilege of Faisal’s closest friend or wife’s participation in the session. My question is: why should Mrs. Huq be aware of this silly information? Why should she keep the record of the number of sleepless nights Faisal & his partners had? Are these issues relevant to the present topic at all?

On behalf of Faisal and/ his partners, the reply-fellow could have apologized in his/her note for what was done to the offended artists that evening and it could have eased the mental agonies of the people involved. But it’s a shame that instead of doing that, he/she reacted angrily. It seems to me that this anonymous reaction quite matches with that evening’s attitude of the organizers.

Anonymous 2

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