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Bangladesh Association of NSW Gold Cup Cricket Tournament 2006

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The Bangladesh Association of NSW Gold Cup Cricket Tournament for 2006 is expected to start in mid-January. The deadline for registration of teams for the 2006 tournament is at the end of November. Would you please register your team if you are planning to manage or captain or play in a team.

What we are trying to determine now is the number of teams who are likely to participate in the tournament. The tournament structure will be dependent on the number of teams that will register. Please send me an email if you wish a copy of the rules.

Expression of interest will close on 30/11/2005. Would the intending manager/captain/players please send their expression of interest re the team they wish to register to me via email with the following:

Name of the team:
Captain of the team:
Manager of the team:
Email addresses of the captain and the manager: and
Contact numbers of the captain and the manager.

- Afsar Ahmed

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