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I am profoundly amazed by the honest,courageous and unbiased article written in a simple fashion about the prevailing democratic arena in Bangladesh. I totally agree to the key comments made by Prof Chowdhury that there is no sanity in the political mechanism in our country and it is indeed about time for everyone to rethink how the major two political parties should deliver their committments to the ill fated nation.

Many scholars at his level had written so many articles on the political history or system of Bangladesh Government and a very few came about with an unbiased or factual comments and I personally thank him for this.

It is not only the two major political leaders should fix their misdeed in the name of democracy the literate as well as political conscious society both within and outside the country ,as a whole, should play their respective role in establishing a true democratic society in Bangladesh.

Let us now not debate or talk rubbish about who was the father of the nation or who was a great leader at this crucial hour where undoubtedly our whole political situation is at stake as the nation progresses to a government election. We do not want thousands of millionaries created out of ripping off the poor hard working people rather a simple, honest and healthy democratic society which millions of people died for.

Tauhid Aziz, Sydney

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