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Professor Nazrul Islam's visit in Melbourne and discussion on BEN

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Prof Islam Research Professor and Head of Quantitative Analysis Section of The International Centre for the Study of East Asian Development, Kitakyushu, Japan visited Melbourne for a short time. Within his two days stay at Melbourne he made a brief presentation on Bangladesh Environment Network (BEN) in front of a group of Bangladeshi. Dr. Nazrul Islam is the founder coordinator of BEN. His discussion on BEN made it clear that wherever we live it does not matter if we wish we could contribute to bring a change in our country. BEN's activities is to improve environment of Bangladesh is a success. BEN in cooperation with other organisations of Bangladesh namely Parash, BUET, Bangladesh Paribesh Andolon succeed in doing of couple things. As follows:

- There is no more leaded fuel in Bangladesh which generate black smoke with carbon mono oxide;

- Scooter free city is a credit to BEN

- Polythin free Bangladesh also a battle won by BEN

- Save the river is BEN's target as a result river Buriganga got proper attention from the authority and unauthorised shopping complexes in the bank of the river were demolished.

The discussion was very much meaningful. Impact of the BEN's activities on the environment has been observed by some of us who recently visited Bangladesh.

Dr. Islam also mentioned that BEN is run by voluntary contribution from the community and they usually collect fund during Christmas time.

Dilruba Shahana

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